Theatre show: Endgame

The actors from Medias Popular Theatre will present the play “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett at Traube Hall. Synopsis: Hamm (a former actor) lives in a (timeless and spaceless) room together with his servant, Clov (possible son) and with his parents (who have no legs, and he keeps them in bins, burried in sand). All the


Children theatre: Cinderella

Children theatre show. The show presents the famous story of Cinderella. Two mice introduce us in the fairy tale world, filled with candor and humor. The girl with a good heart is wronged by her step mother and step sisters, but, with the help of her Fairy Godmother she manages to get to the ball.

Marșul pentru viață

March of life

March of life, 8th edition, represents the climax of March, the Month of Life, and it will be organized in the same day, in more than 300 cities from Romania and Moldavian Republic. The general theme of this year’s March of life is: UNIQUE from the first second.

O noapte furtunoasă

Theatre: O noapte furtunoasă (A Stormy night)

The actors from Deva Art Theatre will sustain a play where a faulty, parasitic world is presented. The action takes place in a lumber factory, wehere comic language transforms into a mechanizedl one, and the characters’ lines are only a programming code. The game space resembles a site, where mechanical wheels and cranes determine the

Dor de primăvară

Dor de primăvară – Folklore Show

The event that has already became a tradition, marks the entry into Easter Lent and, in the same time, it marks the opening of the cycle of traditions and customs related to the arrival of the new season. Just like former editions, the show gathers folklore singers who are representative for Tarnave Area, together with

De Dragobete iubește românește

De Dragobete iubește românește (Love Romanian for Dragobete)

A show presented by Lumină Lină Cenacle, Motto Group and Balada Band for Dragobete (the Romania holiday for Valentine’s Day). Special guest Doru Gheaja, the author of the famous songs “Așa-i românul”, “Tu, Ardeal”, “Cântecul lui Ștefan cel Mare” și “Măi, Ardeal”.