Theatre show: Endgame

A play presented by Medias Popular Theatre

The actors from Medias Popular Theatre will present the play “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett at Traube Hall.
Synopsis: Hamm (a former actor) lives in a (timeless and spaceless) room together with his servant, Clov (possible son) and with his parents (who have no legs, and he keeps them in bins, burried in sand).

All the characters are marked through anatomical / physical disabilities – Clov cannot sit (his legs are stuck), Hamm cannot see and cannot stand up (he is paralyzed), Nagg and Nell don’t have legs. The characters are in a permanent waiting and invoking of the end.

Organizator: Mediaș Town Hall and Mediaș Popular Theatre
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Tag-uri: cultural event, endgame, medias popular theatre, theatre show,
Mwdias Saturday, 4 May 2019
Mwdias 18:00
Mwdias Traube Hall