Significant contributions to aviation

The history of Medias is closely related to the history of Romanian aviation, due to the fact that the Technical School of Aeronautics was relocated here in 1921, on the site of some old Terezian barracks, which were then used as a unit of Hussars and as a cavalry detachment. Here, Hermann Oberth conducted a series of experiments in the school’s workshops, revealing the compatibility of ammonium nitrate with the propulsion needs of rockets.

Over the decades, the school has changed its name a few times, being simply known as the “Aviation School”. Since 2004, the school has been deployed in the Boboc-Buzau garrison, where it operates in a new structure together with the “AurelVlaicu” Air Force Application School.



Methane gas exploitation center

Medias is recognized for being an important methane gas exploitation center since the beginning of the 20th century. After discovering some natural gas deposits in Sarmasel, Mures County, in 1909, the foundations of the natural gas industry in Romania were established.

In 1925, the National Methane Gas Company SONAMETAN was established, with a Technical Exploitation Directorate in Medias. The company is named Romgaz in 1991 and consolidates its leading position in exploration, exploitation and storage of natural gas in Romania, headquartered in Medias.

Also in the field of natural gas exploitation, the contribution of the Medias native engineer Pericles Svonoros, who has been the holder of several patents and has been active for more than four decades in the methane industry, is also noted.


The first crystal objects made in Romania

In 1972, the first piece of crystal was produced in Romania at the Vitrometan factory in Medias. The Medias factory was the only one in the country to produce crystal containing 24% lead, which was an element that gave a special quality and luminosity to crystal objects. Crystal products were exported all over the world, and among the most important achievements of the factory are the five crystal chandeliers that adorn the House of People. The Medias crystal reached Japan, the United States and Central Europe.