Local Economy

The old craftsmen from Medias were reorganized in the nineteenth century in the form of factories that developed further along the way. Together with the development of Medias as a natural gas exploitation center at the beginning of the 20th century, Medias turned into a city with a highly developed and diversified industry. Among the most important factories and firms that currently exist in Medias are the following:


SNGN Romgaz SA

Headquartered in Medias, it’s the largest natural gas producer in Romania. The main activity of the company is the extraction of hydrocarbons.


SNTGN Transgaz SA

It was established in 2000, thorugh the separation from Romgaz, being the only national gas carrier, linking the companies dealing with the extraction and the authorized distributors.


Automecanica Industrial Park

It was established in 2007, carrying out commercial and production activities in partnership with European automotive companies. Within the industrial park, there are other companies who conduct business activities, operating on the market in Romania and abroad: Schrader, Langendorf, JLG, etc. etc.



SC Emailul Medias SA has as main activity the production and sale of enameled vessels and vessels with Teflon interior. It’s a factory that boasts a long tradition in Medias since 1921.


Armax Gaz

The company is a national leader in the production of machines and equipment for the oil and gas industry.



The company was founded in 1954, when only a few household items were produced. Since 1991, besides the production of electrical relays for industrial automation, electric micro motors, electromagnets and other electrical equipment, Relee Medias diversified its range of products with switches and switches for household purposes, luminaires, electric plugs for electric lamps, accessories for electrical installations and other consumer goods.



The Medimpact company was founded in 1881 as a tannery workshop owned by Samuel Karres. At present, Medimpact Medias produces footwear, equestrian goods and leather goods, including military footwear, protective footwear and equestrian and hunting footwear. The factory has a production capacity of 15,000 pairs of shoes per month and 1,000 leather articles.



The glass factory has a tradition of decades, being established in 1921 and having as its main activity the production of glass plates. Geromed currently manufactures processed windows for civil and industrial buildings, furniture windows, doors, shelves for shops and pharmacies, aquariums, glass windows, secured and enameled windows;double secured windows for locomotives, secure car windows, etc.



It’s a company specialized in oil and gas drilling, industrial and civil construction services and general mechanics and joinery. Originally a former branch of the National Gas Company Medias, it first became a joint stock company and then a private company in 1998.


Kromberg Schubert

It’s a German manufacturer of wiring for automotive and electrical systems. Since 2004, a factory has been opened in the city of Medias.