Mediaș, a fairy tale Transylvanian burg

Discover fairy tale places, step into a modern city that tells you legends from the past through every little piece of it.

Many centuries have passed since the walls of the old city were erected. The medieval period is an emblematic one for Mediaș, the city being known as one of the most important trade and craft centers in Transylvania. Historical monuments of an undeniable cultural value have been preserved ever since and can be admired today in the city raised on the banks of Târnava Mare. Mediaș is a picturesque city that combines the old with the new, in a variety of architectural styles.

The city has a history of over 750 years, being mentioned for the first time in a historical document in 1267, thus being one of the oldest cities in Romania. It has preserved its historic past in 17 towers and bastions, over 7 meters high multi-secular walls, 3 main gates and 4 secondary ones towards the old fortress. Saint Margaret’s fortified church has a valuable collection of Gothic murals, and the tower has a clock that indicates the moon’s phases. In this old church, the Prince of Walachia, Vlad Ţepeş, was imprisoned in 1476, after a conflict with Hungarian king Matei Corvin. This is also the place where Transylvanian prince Stefan Báthory was elected as King of Poland. The Altar of Mediaş is a masterpiece of the Transylvanian Gothic architectural style.

The historic center is an authentic open-air museum, and medieval monuments in the castle square are unique in Transylvania. Here you can admire inestimable historic and architectural sights, including The Tailors’ Tower, the Trumpeters’ Tower, The Church Bells Tower, Schuller House, The Stonemasons’ Tower, the Blacksmiths Tower, or the Franciscan Architectural Complex which hosts exhibits of great value: the treasure of Şeica Mică, and the Panade treasure.

Mediaș and its surroundings are also famous for the old Târnave wines, a symbol represented in the city’s blazon. The area was formerly called the Wine Country or “Weinland”, as it appears on humanist Johannes Honterus’ map (16th century). In the novel “Dracula”, the Irish author Bram Stoker wrote that at the wedding of the Valah Count, guests drank “the golden one by Mediaș” wine.

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