Medias, beyond the walls of the city

Even if it’s been centuries since the walls of the old medieval fortress are home to the hum of the daily life of the inhabitants of this beautiful city, Medias continued to its Transylvanian “burg” air. Like most places with such a rich history, Medias maintains, on the one hand, certain features common to the localities in the area, but on the other hand it is characterized by certain traits that give it a special “personality”.

Thus, even if some customs and traditions were preserved in Medias, as in the rest of the area, even if the city rose and flourished as a result of commercial and crafts activities, as it happened with other Transylvanian burgs, it has preserved its unique character with the help of the inhabitants of the city.

Whether we are going back in time at the moments when some of the most representative historians lay on paper the most important events in the history of Romanians, whether we are talking about the surrounding hills surrounding with the vineyards where the famous Medias wine was made, or that we are referring to the experiments of Hermann Oberth – revolutionary at that time – which took place here in this secular city, the walls of the fortress were silent witnesses of all these stories that happened on their inside or at the outside.

So, anyone who is “acquainted” with Medias, even for a short period of time, gets attached to these places, preserving an image of the city in which the spirit of a tranquil provincial citystill exists, but which remains always surprising, always ready to reveal new things to those who want to explore the hidden mysteries beyond the walls of the fortress.

At the same time, it is the perfect place for those who want to get to know the Tarnava region better, because from Medias it is very easy to reach the surrounding localities, where there are different tourist attractions, such as the fortified Saxon churches.