Local Inventiveness

The first liquid fuel rocket launched at Medias

Hermann Oberth, one of the pioneers of aeronautics, made several inventions in the field of aviation and aeronautics, and much of his work took place in Medias, where he was also a professor at Stephan Ludwig Roth High School. For example, in 1935 he launched for the first time in Medias a rocket with liquid propergol, and in 1938, he also designed in Medias two planes with engine- rockets.

The contributions made by Hermann Oberth to the aviation field don’t stop there, offering 95 solutions and recommendations for the design of the German rocket built by Wernher von Braun, which reached the altitude of 84.5 km in 1942, being the first man-made object which has entered the cosmic space.

The first automatic windshield wiper, invented by a Medias native

The sons of a baker from Medias named Carl Folberth, Friederich and Wilhelm, learned the profession of mechanics in a workshop on Cobbled Street (Ulita Pietruita), today Johannes Honterus Street in Medias. The two began working in Austria and France, but eventually settled in the US at the beginning of the 20th century. There, they were hired by the well-known Oldsmobile-producing company. In 1919, Wilhelm Folberth, now William Folberth, invented the first automatic windshield wiper. After his patent, Wilhem’s companythat he founded with his brother began to produce wipers on a large scale until 1925 when they sold the license.

The two brothers Folberth continued with their inventions in the field of motoring, gathering more than 100 patents over time. One of the wipers created by the Folberth brothers can be seen at the Medias Municipal Museum.

You can find out more details at Medias Municipal Museum

A Medias native founded the aviation school in Mexico

George Puflea was an aviator born in Medias in 1883. After taking part in the First Balkan War and working as an instructor at Moisant Aviation School in Long Island, New York, George Puflea traveled to Mexico where he participated in several missions of the Mexican aviation. He was one of the founding instructors of the EscuelaNacional de Aviacion School, which later became Escuela Militar de Aviacion.

He established the record for the first long-term flight officially recognized in Mexico between El Paso and Ciudad de Mexico in 1920, being the first flight between the United States and Mexico. Still, he was also the first pilot to fly in 1921 in the first flight test of the AEREA, which later became the Mexican Aviacion.

You can find out more details at Medias Municipal Museum

Unique tradition in Medias – the “țuru” game

The first day of Easter is celebrated each year in a more special way by the inhabitants of the Stejarului Street in Mosna district. On the morning of the first Easter day, the inhabitants of this street gather to a “țuru” game. Ţuru is a game similar to the rounders game, which was often played by children, and the tradition of playing “between blocks” has been revived by the inhabitants of Stejarului Street so it has become one of the local traditions that are expected each year by locals.

Paintings unique in the world, made by an artist from Medias

Emil Muresan is one of the most prolific artists in Medias, but is mostly known for his paintings made of spider web, unique in the world. It all started in 1998, when Emil Muresan came up with the idea of using spider webs to make some unusual paintings. He waited five years until he first exposed them, but they had a fulminating success. His works have reached worldwide collections of art lovers, including in Berlin or Chicago. And now, art lovers in the country and abroad come to see his paintings. His works can be admired at the galleries located in the King Ferdinand I Square.

Particular performance in sports

An athlete from Medias, Margareta Keszeg has won several titles and medals at prestigious sports competitions, such as European or world athletics championships. The most important prize in hertrack record is the gold medal won at the 3,000-meter indoor competition at the European Championships in Genoa in 1992.